Aprs Is Login

APRS IS Login Required To Be Unique Issue 10 GitHub


Logging into APRS-IS appears to require unique callsigns. This is problematic because I only have one! I want to connect faraday-aprs client …

Do Aprs Fi And APRS IS Use The Same Credentials


Just enter your callsign, press enter and a APRSIS passcode will appear with which you can login to the APRS-IS in APRSdroid. Here is a list of …

Connecting To APRS IS


Simply connect to that port with a browser (http://aprsserver:14501) to view the page. All core servers and most javAPRSSrvr servers (see the APRS Server page …

Configuring An APRS IS Port KA2DDO


The Internet domain name of the APRS-IS gateway to be connected to. · How long YAAC should attempt to connect to the APRS-IS network before giving up. · The TCP …

APRS Tier 2 Network


Regional Rotate Addresses. Please use one of the following addresses to connect: North America. noam.aprs2.net. South America. soam.

Welcome To WorldData By APRS World


If you need to initially setup a PS2Tap or other device, please call us at 507-454-2727. Our auto-registration system is coming soon. Please login to view …

SSL Authentication On APRS IS APRSdroid


Secure Authentication for Radio Operators. Authenticating Amateurs over the Internet is a problem that is hard to solve. For APRS-IS, the insecure passcode …

Login APRS SMS Gateway


Please login with your root callsign (no SSID) and password. Register Now. You need an account on this website linked to your SMSGTE profile to access the alias …

Login Google Maps APRS


Login Sign up Forgot your password? What is aprs.fi? This is a global APRS database, which archives position tracking, weather and message information collected …



If you are running QTH.app unlicensed, you will need to enter a callsign here in order to connect to APRS-IS. SSID: This will default to the SSID entered in …

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