In this bar chart race video, we have visualized World Population Growth From 1960 to 2021. Population density is an updated barchart race video of the countries with the highest Alcohol consumption rates from 1890 to 2021. Subscribe and hit the bell to see new videos.

Alcohol has historically and remains to hold an essential role in social engagement and bonding for many. Social drinking or mild alcohol consumption for many is pleasurable.

The annual global average drinking rate is 6.4 liters per person older than 15 (in 2016). The variations in alcohol content of different alcoholic drinks (e.g., beer, wine, spirits) are reported in liters of pure alcohol per year.

Alcohol consumption – especially in excess – is linked to numerous adverse outcomes: as a risk factor for illnesses and health impacts, crime, road incidents, and for some, addiction. Globally, alcohol usage causes 2.8 million premature deaths per year.

A century ago, some nations had much higher levels of drinking rates. In France, in the 1920s, the average was 22.1 liters of pure alcohol per person per year. This equals 184 one-liter wine bottles per person per year. Note that in contrast to the latest statistics expressed in alcohol consumption per person older than 15 years, this includes children as well – the average for adults was therefore even higher.

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