In this video, we have ranked the Top 10 Best Selling Computer Brands from 2000 to 2021. With personal computers and the Internet becoming an everyday essential, the demand for tech gadgets has increased rapidly in these past decades.

Some of the top-performing companies include Compaq, Dell Microsoft, HP, Apple, Acer, IBM, and more.

Until 1999 the best-selling computer brand in the United States was “Compaq.” With 12% of the total sales market, Compaq, established in 1982 and later became one of the multinational Hewlett-Packard brands, was the largest supplier of computers worldwide. In 2001 HP had reached over 63 employees.

Over the years, the best companies by computer sales became DELL and HP. For almost all of the 2000s, these two companies have remained in the top two positions. From 2008 onwards, Acer has drastically advanced its systems. In the first half of 2008, Acer had a market share of over 12% of total computers sold.

After 2012, it was the year of Lenov, which has been leading the ranking for over eight years, followed by HP. From 2014 onwards, the well-known brand Apple has also entered the ranking.

With the increase in the world population, the demand for tech gadgets will most likely be increased.

Best Selling Computer Brands Data Source: Wikipedia

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